1. Caecilie Norby: Send In The Clowns;
  2. Caeacilie Norby & Sisters in Jazz: Love Has Gone Away;
  3. Patricia Barber: The New Year’s Eve Song;
  4. Mats Eilersen, Harmen Fraanje, Thomas Strønen: Perpetum;
  5. Lou Donaldson: Autumn Nocturne;
  6. Johnny Griffin: Nice and Easy;
  7. Molly Johnson: Inner City Blues;
  8. Lizz Wright: Southern Lights;
  9. tok tok tok: Walk On The Wild Side;
  10. Diana Kral, Michael Buble: Alone Again (Naturally);
  11. Paul McCartney: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down;
  12. Martin Sasse trio, Peter Bernstein: Search For Love.